Alvarez Yairi DC-1 Reviews 5

I bought this on E-BAY 3/03 for $750. with OHSC. I used to have a DY76, but had to sell it 15 years ago. I wanted something similar but better.

This is a superb 12. I have played 12's for 30 years...all the brands, and I went back to Yari, was able get a great deal. The on board Fishman Martix Plus is perfect. The guitar looks like the Martin D-35,sounds better, and has none of the problems. The action is low but still great for slide. The neck is 12 clear of the body, and it is a slope shoulder large, deeper in the lower bout bell dreadnought.this guitar has infinite sustain.Mop logo,snowflake and other markers. built for David Crosby, production 97-98. Bck then sold for $1599., and sold well!Spuce top. laminated brazillian rose wood back and sides(the only drawback)Mahogany neck, straight as an arrow.rosewood veneer on the headstock...classy! unplugged or plugged, this is the best 12 I have ever played. Live well and you get lucky.

Only the laminated back and sides, and a little spur on the second fret when I use my thumb on the base. The battery needs to be taken out after use to not let it run down big deal...thats about it.

This is a superb example of Kazou Yari's fine work...He is a master of sound,wood taste, and feel. Anybody who has owned a Yari will Know what I mean

I have five guitars of differnt styles and brands...I would buy another Yari.If I had the money. You can get them for a quarter of what Martins cost...and have fewer headaches, they sound and look better than Taylors.They don't make them anymore, and if someone is willing to sell it fast!

Jake Gaffney rated this unit 5 on 2003-03-22.

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