Alvarez Yairi DY70 Reviews 5

I loved the way it sounded the very first time i picked it up. I played it for just a couple of minutes and had to have it. the tortise binding, flamed maple back and sides the composite bridge give it an awesome look. i have played this guitar for 3 yrs now and the solid spruce top is already starting to open up and develop a even better tone. I paid only 650 dollars for it.

everything i listed above

There were some tool marks from the manufacturer showing through the carbon veneer on the head stock. might be why it was cheap

solid spruce top maple back and sides mahogony neck rosewood fretboard carbon composite bridge

GREat GUItar just like ALL yairi guitars. I am considering putting in a bone saddle and nut. Because i am a TONE HOG>

Shariff TONE HOG SHakir rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-02.

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