Alvarez Yairi JY84C Reviews 5

To make a long story short, it was a christmas gift from my parents, boss and several friends. I ended up paying a little bit over $900. but it is well worth its retail price of $2000

The look was the first thing that cought my attention. extremely unique style. It plays like a dream and sounds phenomenal. the tone is unmatched by 90% guitar I have played(Taylor, Martin, Breedlove; I have played a few Larrivee's that come close but not in the same price range). The system 600t pickup is great, allows easy and accurate tuning, and a very acurate reproduction of the guitars sound (I would suggest getting the magnetic soundhole pickup to further enhance the sound)

I dont have 2 (yet). I have sold all my other guitars except the JY84C and my Gibson ES-135 in order to get another Alvarez model(FY200C) I'll post another review on that one later

Construction is awesome, and very studio or road worthy. the lack of traditional pickgaurd was wierd at first, but I looked at it on stage at the first gig I did with it and I thought it looked awesome in the lights.

An awesome guitar for any serious player who wants to be inspired EVERY time they pick up their guitar.

Jeff rated this unit 5 on 2003-09-09.

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