Alvarez Yairi WY-1 Reviews 5

Purchased from Big Daddy Music in Clinton MO. Traded Washburn D10-S and paid $800.00 difference.

I have small hands and the neck was the best I could find and I looked at several makes and models. It probably shouldn't be a factor but I like the looks. Sounds great, Looks great and easy to play. What more could you want.

Could come with a strap button on the neck, I had to have that done.

Finish is flawless, all joints are perfect and has top guality dove tail joint with neck and body. Not bolted on like some more expensive brands. However for the price you would think they would not use laminated back and sides.

I'm a novice picker and this is my sixth guitar. I have a Alvarez RD-20SC which I'll keep (don't know why) and plan to buy a Yairi dreadnought soon and call it quits. As for the Yairi WY-1 it's here to stay.

Schike rated this unit 5 on 2004-05-15.

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