Amalio Burguet Model 2M Spruce Reviews 4

I was looking to upgrade from, of all things, a Yamaha 225 classical, that I had for 20 years, and was probably 10 years old when I bought it. I looked around, it lists for $1,850, and most places sell it for $1,350, without a case to boot. I searched, and then I saw one on eBay. I put in a bid, and to my extreme amazement and good fortune, I got a brand new one for $650 US, plus shipping. I purchase a $100 hardshell case, and drop shipped it to the seller, who packed up the guitar and sent to me. I have been in love ever since.

Flawless construction, beautiful bindings, impeccable polish. Solid Ebony fingerboard, and the neck is cedar, with a an Ebony insert for streanth. Beautiful overtones, and no wolftones. The smell of the different woods, spruce top, cedar neck and Indian rosewood sides, is captivating. It's like receiving aroma therapy when you play

Absolutely, and I mean absolutely nothing. I have played $5,000 guitars that pale next to this one.

Flawless, and prisitne material, blemish free. Also, flawless finish, do drips or blobs.

Cannot recommend highly enough. Get on your hands on one. One of the truly hidden treasures of the guitar world

Nicolas Rego rated this unit 4 on 2005-02-27.

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