Arai-Motsumoku / Japan 1970 Conrad Violin Shape Reviews 5

I placed a free Internet Ad online at and to my surprise ,someone in Texas had a Conrad violin bass for sale. After a couple e-mails, I ended up buying the bass for $175.00, including shipping and packing.

This is a beautiful tobacco sunburst violin bass from 1970.Serial no. 0115577. It has a full length neck with binding on the neck and body. Toggle switch for the two working soapdish pickups and a tone and volume control. It also has a built in string damper and cut out F sound holes.It has a white pickguard with chrome tuning keys and enclosed gears.It has a normal treble sound that can be reduced by removing treble tone and increasing amp bass.It is light(7 pounds) and easily played on the narrow neck.

There is nothing I don't like about this well made 32 year old violin bass. It was very well made and stays in tune and rivals any Hofner today. (Those that have a problem with basses /guitars going out of tune are not stretching their new strings when they put them on...or..have loose tuning gears).

The construction is beautiful and solid.There is no splitting or cracking of binding or wood anywhere. Only has a couple of small dings : one on body binding near neck and a nick on beautiful black scroll headstock.Conrad is etched in gold between the strings on the headstock and is placed again on wood and chrome plate at the strings heel.All is original,including all screws.

As far as the Conrad 1970 model violin bass goes, it is a bass of superb craftsmanship and use of wood,finish,and chrome. It sounds bassy with round wound strings and it's soapbar pickups compliment the sound well.

Rory Cubel rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-09.

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