Arbiter 5x13 Advanced Tuning Snare Drum Reviews 5

I am a percussionist that is expected to play electronic/acoustic drumset, timpani, mallets, latin percussion,read and improvise all styles of music, for live and recording work, on a weekly basis.

I purchased this item from e-bay Paid 155.00. I also own a five piece fusion Arbiter Advanced Tuning Drumset that includes a 5x14 snare drum.

The tuning concept allows even tension around the drum heads. The result is a bright and clear drum sound, a expanded tuning range, and expanded dynamic range suitable for all styles of music. The drum shell is extremely well made and finished inside and out.

The high quality and weight of the maple shells and stainless steel construction add to the weight of the drum.

The shell is a high quality maple shell, finished inside, and clear finish on the outside; showing the natural beauty of the wood grain. The steel rims appears to be of a high quality, and are polished to a brilliant finish.

Arbiter drums have a unique look due to the lack of traditional hardware drilled into the shell. The drum have a loud crack and more sustain that is often lacking in most snare drums.

Kevin Danchik rated this unit 5 on 2007-02-03.

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