Arbor AB500 Reviews 4

I have been playing for four years and have gone through two shitty basses.

i got this bass new from a music shop in michigan. it took them forever to deliver the damn thing. For 300 bucks i'd say it was a good deal.

it has good tone, the neck is not as wide as some others that i have seen and the playability is pretty nice. it has a pretty good passive electronics setup and has good tonal variations. i do like the strings that came with it, they have really bright tone but they are kind of noisy on the frets.

i didn't like the action on it it was set way too low and i had to raise it to get rid of all the fret buzz. the other thing is i dont like how loose the strings are. it isnt real bad but its bad enough to where it isnt a good slap bass, excellent for ppop tho.

the construction is good, it was manufactured in an ibanez factory. the neck is solid and the tuners stay in place so you can give the strings a good raping and they wont go out of tune. the pickups are positioned pretty good, i use the back one mostly. the pickups are solid ans the tone knobs are tight and not loose.

if your broke and lookin for a decent bass go for this one. iyts a great transition bass for a starting five string bassist. i like it, and when you pair it up with a behringer amp you cant go wrong.

joe brocklehurst rated this unit 4 on 2006-06-01.

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