Archer Archer Bass Guitar Reviews 5

I was looking for a bass to start off with. I live in a town two and a half hours away from a city, so there are no good music shops. Naturally I went to ebay and started my search, and I came across a nice bass at a good price called an Archer Bass Guitar. It was $120 canadian but with shipping and all that it came to $180.

It has a nice sound to it, and it is not to hard to find a really good setting on it. it has nice tuneing keys and looks alot like some fender basses.

well, there is nothing more you can ask for in a bass for $120.

this bass has a good shape to the body, making it nice to play. a thin neck for easy sliding, a good balance, and a pretty cool shaped head. there is one split-pickup, one volume, and one tone, and of corse one output.

This is an excelent bass for the beginners with a low budget.

N. Gordon rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-29.

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