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Well, I went to a local music store to originally guy a Jay Turser 2B Violin style Bass. When they didn't have that, I was looking around to find a similar bass, which I didn't, I saw the Archer and it's retail was $800.00 on sale for $200.00, well I talked to the guy and he sold it to me for $175.00

I loved this bass because of the wood used, it has perfect grain sowing with a wood lacker that really accented the wood grain also. The tone is rich, and it's a nice thumpy sound.

It's hard to pick on because of the pick ups and I personally didn't dig it because I settled for second best. other than that it's a fantastic bass guitar for begonners and experts. It's really nice looking and also impressive to a crowd.

The neck is moderately thin alowing easy sliding action. the neck is bolted onto the body and set into the body also. 1 tone control and 1 volume control. it has a split pickup much like a Fender P bass but reversed.

I think this is a great bass, but I ordered a Jay Turser, and I am picking it up this week. Other than that it worked very well for the time that I used it

Mr. Czuba rated this unit 4 on 2002-08-31.

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