Argent 5 Piece Visions Drum Set Reviews 3

I was looking for a beginner Drum Set, that wouldn't cost a lot of money. I found the 5 Piece Argent Drum Set on EBAY, for around $300.00, which included drum throne, hihats, crash/ride cymbal, and two sticks. Not a bad deal.

The cost factor was the number one factor in choosing this as a beginning Drum Set. I chose this Drum Set, because I never played drums before, but always wanted to. My belief was, if I was terrible at playing, no big monetary loss. If I realized, I could play, I would upgrade certain areas of the Drum Set, and eventually, down the road, trade it in.

The one-ply heads had to go...QUICKLY. I replaced them with Evans Hydraulics. Now it sounds like a real Drum Set. However, the crash/ride cymbal definitely needs to go away, too. The hihats aren't bad, but I plan on replacing them, as well, as adding a splash.

For the price you pay, the Argent Drum Set is a quality Drum Set, with solid construction. There does not appear to be any plastic or weak areas, that could be susceptible to breakdowns.

For a beginning Drum Set, it is very good, provided you upgrade certain areas, as you learn how to play. In the long run, after upgrading the heads, cymabls, and hats, you have a nice Drum Set, but now I realize, I could of bought an entry level Ludwig or Pearl, with the money, I have spent on the Drum Set and the upgrades.

DRUMCOP rated this unit 3 on 2003-03-05.

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