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I paid around $320 With the shipping and handling for this drum on ebay. I was weak on cash and didnt have much to play with so i went with this set.

The hardware of the drumset is really nice. All double-braced. The drum shells were made with really good quality. And structured right. Theres no plastic pieces or weak areas. The hi-hats give of a nice chick sound when closed and a nice washy sound when slightly opened. And the drums when the heads are replaced gives a wonderful and beautiful sound. The bass pedal is also really nice. But some parts losen pretty quickly. But after its oiled and tightened back up its a sturdy nice pedal.

The heads of the drumset have a bad sound. They sound like paper and get marks and dents really easily. The hardware is nice and light but way to thin and non sturdy. They want to move alot when you start to really jam on them. The snare is a bit of a pain when you replace the top heads. The bolts dont want to go into the lugs very easily but when they do your fine. The hi-hat stand likes to squeek alot but is pretty sturdy. Also the drum throne is very poor quality. The padding and all is good but the legs like to fold up for some reason when sitting on them even after there tighten dramatically with a wrench.

Overall the construction and quality of this drumset is pretty nice set. The only reason i give this set a 4 is because of the weak and poor parts.

This drumset in my opinion is very worth it. And the drumset can easily be set as a intermediate set providing you upgrade the heads and stands, plus also the drum throne. Then you can have a very good set.

Blazen mikes dreadlocks rated this unit 4 on 2004-02-18.

i got this drum set for my son (ok, and for myself). I have played drums for about 10 years before I got married :), had kids, career, and so on..., and I wanted to find a drum set that both him and I could play. I got my kit at a music store in KC. I found them on their website and went in to play tmem before I bought em. i think it was

At first I mainly liked the price they were selling them for, the rims style mounts, and the heavier hardware. I played them and they sounded pretty good. The guy at the store said that he didn't like factory drum heads and I would need to replace the Argent ones before I played a show. Im too old to play a show now, but hopefully my kid will soon. I have had the kit for about a year now and I have just replaced the heads. The old ones hung in there for a long time, but these drums with Evans heads sound awesome. I really like the argent company because I called the store and told them that the beater fell apart on me and they sent me out a new '4-way' beater for free. They said that they had uprgaded all the pedals since I bought mine. kinda nice. The pedals are all super heavy duty.

there are a couple things I don't like. -The drum heads, of course, but i have come to know that the guy was correct. No factory heads are as good as evans remo etc. -The beater that came with this set sucked, but thye gave me a new one. I hope they all come with this new type of beater. they show the new beater in the newer pics they got. - The drum sticks that come with the set were around a 2B size. I always used 5A or 7A's when I played so I immediately bought myself some new ones when I got the set.. I also had my kid pick out some that he felt comfortable using.

everything is solid and hasn't fallen apart. The cymbals are ok, but i was glagd to play them over the machine brass stamped practice cymbals that are on other drums. The shells I think are 9 ply. They sound great, so I guess the were made good. The covering on the outside of the drum shells are a little thinner than pearl, tama, etc. but they look the exact same. No problem there.

for this price I know I got a drumset that will last for a long time. When I replaced the heads they sounded as good or better than a pearl export and it has more stuff that comes with it.

kcbrian rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-15.

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