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I bought the kit on ebay for my first drum set in december. $345+shipping

When i bought it I was weary about the price, but it turned out great. The drums do sound really sound good when tuned up. The hardware is solid and hasn't fallen apart (had it for 7 months when I wrot e this) through a TON of playing, so I think that is good. With the drum set came 3 pairs of sticks which i liked too.

The heads aren't great, but I played them for a couple of months before I changed them. The pair of sticks that came with the set were cheap, but with the auction came 3 pairs of good sticks which kind-of offset the cheapness of the sticks in the box. I don't know if the extra sticks come with all the Argent sets. The beater head was the felt-style beater... I changed it because i like to have attack for my bass tone ($13 at from the dealer site)

the quality was very good. I wanted the set for practice, but i think it will work on stage with a few upgrades (heads, cymbals).

overall the drum set is very good for the price. The set does what it was intended for... my practicing until I get to be a good drummer. and then it will prabably be around as my practice set for a long time. happy

drummercraig rated this unit 4 on 2004-06-29.

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