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I have been playing for many years, just as a hobby. I'm not great, but am decent. I played on a rock band as a kid and did school dances, bar gigs, etc. For many years (and currently) I've been a member of church worship teams as a guitarist. I have owned many guitars, and currently own a Tacoma acoustic and the Aria AC-8 classical. I love a wide variey of music.

I got a great deal on my Aria AC-8 probably 10 years ago at a pawn shop - $50! After playing it, I just couldn't resist it. It's still all original and in top shape. It's got to be over 25 years old according to my reseach.

The sound of this 25 year old cedar top is far superior to many new classicals I've played in music stores. All my musician friends agree. It has good volume, too.

The neck is wide of course. My hands aren't that big and playing can get tiring after a while.

It's a good looking unit and the finish is almost like new and nicely detailed. It's very light in weight and fells delicate, but must be constructed well as there are no signs of any issues after all these years.

I couldn't afford to buy a new classical guitar that plays and sounds like this one. I doubt if there are many of these yet around, but if you come by one anywhere, check it out.

Mr. T rated this unit 5 on 2007-01-18.

I've had this guitar for over 10 years. A friend i knew in high school sold it to me for under $100 (canadian), he was playing mainly electric guitar and didn't use this one at all.

When i got it, a bracing was broken (the wooden bars inside the body) and the top was bent because of this. This caused the guitar to have very sucky low-end sound. I recently (about a year or two ago) brought it to a local repair shop to get it fixed (which cost me about $60 can.) and i was blown away by the renewed quality this guitar had regained!! The top of the instrument is still warped at the bridge, but it sounds awesome, especially for something i bought this cheap 10 or 12 years ago. I checked at another store and saw one (aria ac-8) second-hand for sale at $400.

Aria's are very good sounding, but very fragile instruments. The original tuning mechanical parts were a disaster, so i changed them for the ones on a spare classical guitar that i had.

Above standard quality for a classical guitar. Sounds great, very well balanced, but as i said you have to be careful not to break it, as it's pretty fragile.

This guitar has a unique, very special sound which i really like a lot. It records very well using various mics, and it's a good tool to have in the studio. I wouldn't use it live, however.

Éric rated this unit 4 on 2003-04-21.

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