Aria Hi-Energy Snare Drum Batter Head Reviews 5

I acquired it yesterday at guitar center for a little over $15. I needed a new snare head, as my ST dry, although tuned high(that rhymes), which is about 3 or more turns from the finger-tightened point, had lots of dents and pits in it when taken off the drum, as I am a hard hitter. I heard this was durable and was brutally tested. So, I got it.

I like pretty much everything about it. It tunes up very easily, and is also very durable. It gives a nice cracky sound with lots of pop and low end. This is the best sounding snare head I have ever had experience with.

I don't like anything, besides the fact that it costs money! :( :p ;)

It is basically a single ply of film, covered with a thin layer of power dot material. Then, it has a really thick power dot on top for extra durability. I think it will last me a long time.

If you are a hard hitter like me, and need a durable head, this is absolutely the only and best choice out there. SO GET IT!!!! See you next review

x_drummer2000 rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-18.

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