Aria Studio Muffler Rings Reviews 5

I got these rings way back when I got my CB set at my local music store. I actually got them at first cuz my parents did wanna hear my set at "full blast". But as my knowledge of drums grew I realizes how great and important this things are.

These rings are awesome. They muffle your drums just enough to get the ring sound out of it but not ruin the projection or sound of the drums (to my parents disliking). They are also better than putting tape on your heads and ruining them.

There's nothing not to like about these rings. They do there ob with perfection.

They seem to be made out of thick plastic. Good quality.

Get these things without a doubt. They will make your set sound alot better. You'll really hear the differance when you put these on your set.

pls138 rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-06.

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