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I aquired the Aquarian Super Kick 3 Bass Drum EQ System at the local drummers heaven better known as "Atlanta Pro Percussion" for about 60 bucks after a long frustrating journey through (for lack of better words) missing my bottom end. I purchased my Pearl Master Custom drum set in 1998 and decided to go with a 20 inch bass drum because I knew that I would be playing various styles of music, and I needed versatility. I wanted the luxury of playing a small jazz kit, and the freedom to play a large rock kit at the same time without having to purchase two drum sets. The 20 inch bass drum allowed me to do both, but after playing with a group of acoustic musicians and doing various studio work I found myself with the high and mid range punch of the bass, though I was also missing my bottom end which posed a huge problem for me when I joined a local rock band and the kick drum was swallowed whole by the furious sound that preyed on my poor helpless "boom".

This EQ system put the boom back in my bottom end. I like the fact that I can play my bass drum wide open without any blankets or pillows stuffed on the inside. The front head has a pre-cut small diameter hole for a bass drum mic, and the batter head is thick and durable for plenty of punch, and a nice big round bottom end.

The only thing I don't like about the system is the fact that the batter head resonates at such a high intensity, it will take you a while to get aquainted with the feel. I actually had to change my technique slightly to get the punch without so much resonation. If you play your bass drum with the ball to toe technique, you will find that the second part of the technique is pretty much null and void due to all the resonation.

Both the batter head and the front head are 3 ply with reinforced aluminum rings. The inside of the batter head has a reinforced outer ring and the front head is complete with durable foam lined fiber to control resonance.

So, if you don't know where your bottom end has gone, I highly recommend using Aquarians Super Kick 3 system. Especially if you own a 20 inch kick and want to match what the 22 inch bass drum has to offer. This product actually saved me from having to purchase a secondary kick drum- which was a custom order from Pearl with a wait time of 8 months and a thousand bucks out of my wallet. So Aquarian and Atlanta Pro Percussion actually saved my bottom end. Literally!

Christopher M Reeves rated this unit 5 on 2002-04-11.

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