Aria Superkick 2 Clear Bass Drum Batter Head Reviews 5

5:00 on christmas eve was a great time for me. I passed my driver's permit test, and now I get to open 1 present. Which will it be? I pick...THAT ONE. I opened it, and whadaya know...It's an Aquarian Superkick 2 Bass Head. Of Course, I didn't install it until christmas, as I needed to open my new beaters, as well as the kickpad. All I know is that my parents aquired it at Good place, and I believe the price was $40.

I love it a lot. This is better than my superkick 3. It sounds excellent overall, and is very durable, especially with the kickpad. It has a nice punch to it, as well as great response, and resonance. It gives a lot of low end, with some help from my Aquarian Regulator Front head of course.

The only thing I don't like isn't the head's fault, but my room's fault. This is the worst sounding drum in my room, no matter how high quality the shells and heads are, as well as how good the tuning is. It is because the low soundwaves don't develop very well in a room of this size. But if I put earplugs on, it sounds great. Also, I hate waiting to break it in, but it is worth it to hear that bass drum kick.

The construction is a two ply head with a 2-inch thick felt muffling ring adhered to the underside of the head. This muffles the head perfectly. Since it has this muffling ring, needs no pillows, or any obstructions in that case. Just to let you know, I HATE it when people muffle their bass drums. It is too quiet, and you can't even hear it. In my opinion, it should be able to be heard while playing on the snare, and this head does that. Also, it is a perfect companion for the regulator front head, which gives a thunderous, low end sound, that you can't get with any other head.

I absolutely, undeniably, positively, indoubtly love this head. It is great. It can make any bass drum sound good, but can also make a huge difference in the kit overall. Until you own this head, you don't know half the difference a good-sounding kick alone can make in a drumkit as a whole. It doesn't matter what kit you own--whether it is a $300 CB Set, a $5000 Tama Starclassic Kit, or a $12000 Pearl Masterworks Custom Maple Kit--this head will change your bass drum, as well as the rest of your kit, for the better. Go out to the music store, or go online, and buy this head. You will have no regrets whatsoever. I promise. See you next review.

x_drummer2000 rated this unit 5 on 2004-12-28.

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