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A while ago, I dented my EMAD head. It is now hanging on my wall. So, I had to put the standard head that came with my kit back on. I had experience with the superkick 2 before, and decided that I wanted one, for better sound and durability. I went to guitar center just today, and when I went up to the drum counter, they were out of Superkick 2 heads. All they had were the 1's and 3's. I had my eyes on the 3, so I checked it out, and compared the dynamics of the two. I asked the guy which was better, and he said the 3. Man I hate it when I'm right. Just kidding. It costed about $50 for the head and a seperate Aquarian Double Kick Pad.

I like everything. It sounds great, and it even surpasses my EMAD. I put it on my bass drum, finger tightened the lugs, tuned it up about 5/8 of a turn on each lug, and then set it up. After about playing for 5 seconds, I loved it. I also put an Aquarian Kick Pad on it, being that when it comes to the bass drum, I am a very hard hitter. I don't want this head to go out on me for a long time.

I don't dislike anything at all.

It is like a mix of the other 2 Superkicks, but coated. It is a 1 Ply(like the superkick 1), with a power dot in the middle(which makes it a two ply in the middle, like a Superkick 2), and a texture coat on the outside. For muffling, it has a Circular Muffling Ring made of felt adhered to the inside. It is just like the Impact heads muffling ring, but half the width of those.

I would LOVE to type more for this review, but I love my new Superkick 3 head so much, I gotta go play on it for a while. See you next review.

x_drummer2000 rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-23.

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