Aria Nextar N-20H Reviews 4

I bought this lovely guitar from my local guitar shop where I take lessons, Twin Rivers Music of Columbus, OH. I paid $219 for the guitar. I bought it because it was in my price range, and for price/value ratio, this guitar sounds great. I also decided on this because it had already been sent to a custom shop for set up.

The Aria packs a powerfull number of playing options. With triple pickups, the bridge being a humbucker, and the standard 5-position selector switch, I'd take this over a Fender any day. The humbucker has a coil-tap, for single operation as well. The guitar has impecable sustain, and will go as long as you'll let it. The action is nice and low as well, without any buzz, allowing for flawless rythym playing for fast riffs.

Aria dosn't package as many custom options with this model as its others the main colors only being black and white. Other than that I'm quite satisfied

The Nextar is boasts a solid Alder body, with Maple neck, and Rosewood fingerboard. It comes with no-name tuners and pickups which work great as is.

This guitar for its price is one of the best values out there. For those of you weary about foriegn guitar makers, go out and try and Nextar, or even an Aria period, I'm sure you'll like what you hear. This guitar will play anything you want it to, it just wants to be heard.

Derek McLaughlin rated this unit 4 on 2001-06-25.

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