Aria Pro 2 - TA60 Reviews 4

Had a 12-string Ibanez which I swopped for this guitar with a friend of mine who is more of a rocker whereas this is a jazz type instrument. At the time, this instrument retailed for about ZAR3500,00.

I enjoy the playability, the nice feel of the fingerboard. It is a versatile instrument which is quite suitable for playing various types of music as I do. From Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Funk and Pop this instrument fits in well. Also has really good looks. Good paint job and decent workmanship.

Tuning stability not the best. Limited access to the upper register of the fretboard. Intonation dodgy in some places.

Well constructed instrument, quite solidly built. Had it for 8 years now and only problem is noisy volume/tone pots which is not too serious.

All round, a good instrument for the intermediate guitarist.

lhall rated this unit 4 on 2003-12-17.

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