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i got it from swee lee in 1981 i bought it because i was on a budget and also coz i played rhythm and i didnt need the trem. i had tried the guitar out umpteen times but i had to wait till i got the cash to buy it i paid 475 singapore dollars

i like the dimarzio pickups. they have just the right amount of highs low and midrange. they also had the right amount of output. i also like the treble and bass boosts they add more "colour" to my playing. i lurve the neck not to thick and not too flat and i love the grovers

i dont like the hardtail bridge, i would prefer a tunamatic and a string thru body. i dont like the laquered neck coz i have sweaty palms and i tend to overslur with a finished neck. fret access is a nightmare!!!! the cutaways are too hard to reach into i despise medium frets and 22 frets

it pretty solid but the finish is too thin, a bump is clearly seen, pick scrathes are very visible!!! its a bolt on the heel is too large and disrupts my playing.

its a pretty gd guitar, i can gett a variety of tones with the treble and bass boosts. if yr starting out and yr on a budget, this is the guitar for you.

scott rated this unit 3 on 2003-11-24.

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