Aria STG Series Reviews 3

Playing guitar now for 24 years. I collect Ibanez Destroyers. I also build guitars and own my own guitar repair business. Graduated from Midwest Guitar. I guess I will continue to be an 80's shredder forever!

I paid 75USD for this guitar in a pawn shop as a fixer upper for some setup practice and new pups to see if it was improvable. It was dirty but virtually unplayed. It went from a cheap hardware guitar to Seymour Duncans and all new wiring. It plays well with extra light strings.

With the right height setup on the strings, neck adjustment, new tuners, the intonation set, it's really a decent guitar. Plays better than most Squiers I see day to day.

The cheapest sorriest wiring money can buy was used at the factory. Even the tuning keys were like beer can metal. The pups were dead and lifeless and had to be replaced.

Nothing fancy, just a basic bolt on neck guitar.

After being set up correctly, the guitar recently sold for 325USD.

LuthierMichael rated this unit 3 on 2006-07-26.

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