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I'd been gigging with a cover band with a traditional trem guitar and I was limited in what covers I could do with the traditional trem. So I needed a locking trem for dive-bombing. I tried several Jacksons, Washburns, ESP's, and Ibanez and chose this. I got it for $250 at my local guitar shop.

It actually had better output than all the others I tried even though many of the others were H-H and H-S-H configuration. Also, the pickups were better quality than I expected in this price range. It has a mini switch on it that I assumed was a passive filter only to be pleasantly surprised that it's a coil tap for the humbucker (giving me basically a strat and a fat strat in one guitar, 7 pickup configurations).

It's got a poly finished neck like a squire. It's a pain to tune which you expect with a locking trem unless you want to spend $1000 on a Fender American Deluxe. What can I say? I'm a starving musician...

Alder body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, Floyd Rose licensed trem, H-S-S with a five way pickup selector and a mini switch coil tap for the humbucker, one volume, two tone controls. It's made surprisingly well. No spilled finish. Good tuners. Nicely finished frets. A quick setup and it's easy to play. I did run into one problem with it. The input was torqued down to tight and didn't allow the barrel of the chord jack to make proper contact. I've teched some of the big boys with the same problem. Bad techs, not bad guitars.

As I said, I compared this model to some of the best in the industry, and still chose it. It's a versatile, high quality guitar for a decent price. I wish I had about five of them. I would give up my other guitars any day for something with this type of versatility, sound, and construction.

Particular Nobody rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-14.

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