Aria AR10 Reviews 1

I paid $90 for it on eBay from the manufacturer. (Don't Buy!)

It makes sound, it's okay on clean (it's only channel), and it's black. That's about it. (Don't buy!)

First off, it doesn't have distortion! Big bummer. Another thing, is that it only has 2 EQ bands! It's also pretty wimpy for an amp of this power. One day, I remember playing a Marshall 2W battery amp, and thinking that the Marshall was louder than my Aria! If you come across any of this brand, don't buy it--do it for me, because I don't give a damn about the welfare of that company. They gave me a crappy amp at a rip-off price, and I ended up burning it for fun. (Don't buy!)

The building is pretty crappy. I dropped it on my bed once, and it started to make a hissing sound from then on. (Don't buy!)

This amp is only second to Rogue in the crappiness category. Don't buy this amp, or you WILL be sorry. (Don't buy!)

Nick Kennedy rated this unit 1 on 2003-02-03.

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