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I paid 100 $ for it brand new, it was my first acoustic, there was not much variety in the store i bought it at and it looked nice for its price range and sounded the best..i got it for learning acoustic and having an instrument to play outdoors

I like its cutaway and the whole design..mines a nice flaming (red to black) finish,the frets were kinda rough at the begining i actually wanted to shave them.. but then after a while it felt has pretty good sustain the neck is good ,the sound very bright was too bright untill i put on some new dia'ddario strings,the tuners are gold coloured which adds anice look to it all the sound is really nice for lets say soft rock or mellow jazz but sometimes lacks the deep balladish tones.

Stock strings were crap sounding way way less then it can sound with some decesnt strings. Frets are rough at first u feel it while u slide... Losses tune rather quickly plus the pins at the bridge side ( the ones that hold the string may come losse and the thing losses tune completely u have to push them back in again and its allright ( it doesnt come all the way... its not like ur lossing complete string tension.. for soloing i think it lack some "natural reverb" its rings nice ..thats it My tuner for the a string came lose after 4 months need to fix that still tunes ok the ratio on the tuners is ok..

good neck finish is allright it got hit by a door knob once .. only a very small "wound" almost invisible the look is good

It was my first guitar i didnt know too much bout guitars back then if i had the knowledge and was buying my first i would have gotten something else but i love it very much its a fun guitar and the few crappy details on it are no match for endless creative nights ..havent takin it to a firecamp yet..

Z22Z rated this unit 3 on 2004-03-23.

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