Art and Lutherie Cherrywood w/ PreAmp Reviews 4

I got this guitar as a Christmas presant 5 years ago and absolutly love it!!! My parents bought it for my for about $400 canadian and its worth twice that price. I had a friend who had the same one and told my parents THAT was the one I wanted! I have yet to regret that decision.

The best thing about this guitar is the tone. It produces a sound worthy of a guitar that is much more expensive. The playability is good, the finish is excelent, and the Godin build quality really shines through!

The pre-amp is weak and doesn't do justice to this guitars unplugged sound. the battery is inside the guitar so you have to wait untill you change the strings if your battery dies. overall, the electronics are weak, but they've changed them on the new models (my brother just got one).

Like i said, the construction is great!!! no problems here. There was a rattling, but that was the wiring inside and was easily fixed by taping them down.

Overall...a great guitar! For the "Bang for your buck" factor, you simply wont find a better guitar. These guitars simply weren't meant to be plugged in. I'd choose it again in a heartbeat!

Jeff rated this unit 4 on 2004-02-24.

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