Art and Lutherie Spruce W/ pickup Reviews 4

I got this guitar for christmas '00. Bought in Quebec, retail value around $400 CDN. I wanted an acoustic guitar so my parents picked it out and gave it to me. Since then I rarely touch my Fender Electric I've had for 5 yrs.

This guitar has a really warm sound and feels pretty good considering how much It's worth. I didn't know how much it was worth untill I checked it out in stores, I was surpirsed at how low the price was. The pickup sounds great pluged straight into an amp, and even beeter w/ pedals. The finish is pretty durable, it has no pick-gaurd and there is no sign of wear from my heavy strumming, even hough i often use heavy picks when plugged in.

The only thing i don tlike about this guitar is that the wiring for the pickup has long wires and there held together with a plastic tie clip, and it sometime rattles against the wood. I finally figured that was causeing some annoying rattling, so if you get one be sure to tape the wires and tie - clip somhere where they can't rattle and bug the hell out of your band buddues.

Made body is made from maple and spruce, the sound board is 2 peice but you can barley see the seam, and they are taken from the same peice of wood. the necka nd fret board are made from wild cherry and rosewood which look great. Everything else is pretty standard. Te guitar stays in tune very well, even on road trips bumping around in the trunk, you can pull it out and start playing right away.

This guitar would be great for someone who wants an affordable guitar with some real good qualities. It obviously wont sound as great as a martin, but for the price it's the best guitar you can buy new.

The Mugwump rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-26.

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