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I purchased the cheapest kit I could find: Ashton 5 piece, mainly to get back into drumming - 2yrs experience, 6yrs ago. I live as far away from everything as i possibly can...New Zealand. I paid NZ$700 for this kit (about US$425). I wanted something that would let me practice without blowing up my bank account. I have had them for 4 months, and over the past month or so have been playing hard (averaging about 2-3hrs a day)

The cost.....its great for those who are really casual about it, especially if you have a couple of friends just started guitar-ing and you wanna jam.

hard to tune, the cymbals dent quite a bit. snare rattle,

not bad, nothing has broken yet, dented the cymbals though...

Basically...I purchased this just to muck around with it..have a happy bonfire night if the worst came to the worst. Through school I found a guy who was looking for a drummer, I said I had a kit and could play ok. We had a coupla jam sessions, and I became a member of the band. Since then I have been practicing songs (originals, + things like Metallica, Iron Maiden). The REAL Bottom line: If you want to see what you are like at drumming, or you just want something to take your anger out on, or you just have NZ$700 to spend (send it to....) this set. If nothing else then see where it takes you.

ISP rated this unit 3 on 2004-05-22.

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