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I acquired the Ashton drumkit through an australian online website called The total cost of the shells and hardware was $650.00 (Australian).

The drums are a full 100% maple kit, they have a nice lacquered stain on them which is top quality. The mounting system is reminiscent of the Premier, DW and TAMA drumsets. Once I had put the drumset together with the factory heads I was amazed at how well they sang. These drums for the price you paid actually sound really great just out of the box. The hardware is top-notch also and the floor tom is mounted of a cymbal stand and clamp which is included.

The only thing that could be improved on the drumset would be a free floating system as the drums especially the 10" tom seemed to get a bit choked at times. It is easy to overcome as you just find the note where it still resonates, but I do recommend adding a free-floating system such as RIMS mounts.

The hardware is all double-braced and nicely designed, the hi-hat stand is spring adjustable and has swivel legs for all you double-kick players out there. The bass drum pedal is of very high quality and comes with a nice sturdy footboard also.

This drumkit is absolutely amazing for its price, it sounds just as good as a mid-range Sonor or Tama kit. Highly recommended if you are on a budget or just want a great sounding gigging kit.

Dean Thomson rated this unit 5 on 2005-03-23.

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