Ashton GA 100 Reviews 4

I got it from Pro audio, a mail order catalogue and saved about $150(Aus) all up so i only payed $529 (aus). i got the amp cause it was cheap for a 100 watt amp.

good construction, loud, and it has a good Metal distortion for heavier stuff and also has the other distortion channel for a different sound sort of like the earlier Metallica sound. 3 channels and also has reverb and you can have a footswitch aswell. also has level controls so you can control the output.

the sound becomes a little thin of the boost and dirty channels when the volume is turned up a bit. it bottoms out sometimes with extra effects pedals, don't know this could just be my one.

overall good constuction. no problems yet. it is probably the cheapest 100watt amp i have seen so you get what you pay for i say.

a good amp for people who want the volume and size but don't have the money for a marshall or other brand amp. good controls and good sound.

James rated this unit 4 on 2003-05-31.

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