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I bought this for $500AUS at Shire Music in Sydney. I bought this one because it was cheaper than the marshalls and Peaveys

Its LOUD! Firstly the clean channel is so loud i think it'll blow the amp, but it holds :) The 2 distortion channels are great, with a really good deep sound to them. It really gives the grunt im looking for. Pretty sturdily made as well. Lots of knobs as well to get just the right sound. Plenty of plugs for headphones, external speakers, effects loops, etc. Good buy for the price

There isnt a great deal of control of the distortion. Its either WAY up, or heavy. Hard to get a light distortion on it, i have to play with my guitar volume to get it right. Also i get a bit of feedback when its up loud, but that's probably because its in the garage

Quality is top notch. I rekon i'll be able to hit it with a hammer and it would be fine. Nice control knobs on it, really smooth, theyd probably last forever. I occasionally sit on it if im lazy, and its still working just fine. Frankly it'll probably last longer than my guitar

Overall a great amp, especially for the price. This is 80watts, and its a coupla hundred cheaper than the peavey and marshall 50-60Watts. The only real problem is the feedback which is solvable by just turning my guitar down a little. Recommended for a first bigger amp

Nathan rated this unit 4 on 2003-04-05.

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