Aslin Dane Ciddra Reviews 5

Bought this on ebay for a little over $200, but it retails in the low $300 range.

I am just a beginner, but I have seen a lot of guitars and this SG copy is one of the best lookers around. Smoky red, black pickguard, dual humbuckers and sustain out the wazoo. The action is very low, but there is zero fret buzz. Playing fast is easy.

The nut is a little bit high and fretting in the first postion is a little tough until the strings are broken in. The bridge pickup is almost too sensitive. Can be sent into feedback loops if sitting too close to amp. It didn't come with a case or gig bag.

Construction quality is very high. I think these are made in Korea and they are very high quality for Korean guitars. Hardware good, tuners chrome and solid, bridge superb.

I haven't thrown this around much, so I don't know about what kind of gig axe it would make, but it is a great practice guitar. It has the tonal limitations of most SG's, but it will do almost any rock or blues well. This was a steal for under $250!

Brett Best rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-23.

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