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My ex-husband bought me this guitar in the early 70's and I'm still playing it. It looks new and my guitar sounds out over all the others in church. It was so used, I had to had the keys replaced, the frets fixed, the little hole that holds the strap to the tune of $60. The man at the guitar shop said that was a nice guitar and if I ever got rid of it, he wanted it. No Way. I love it too and I have never found one that sounds better anywhere than my Aspen, not even the Martins they have now. All the guys that play say, "What kind of guitar is that? That's a nice guitar. I say yes it is with a smile. It's shiny and the wood is as good as 1971 or 72 when it was purchased. People comment how new it looks and how great it sounds and it's 30 years old. The man at the guitar shop was it was valuable for such a good shape it's in. I love it and would buy none other Than an Aspen. It was about $200 then. I play it in church four times a week, play for nursing home visitation and street meetings, other functions. Those guys get up there with their big Martins and I get up there with my Aspen, which looks exactly like their D28, and sounds better by far than their fancy Martin guitars. I would have no other.

Basically, the deep sounding tone. It sounds great. I put Martin strings on my Aspen and it really sounds out. It frets easy too.

Not a single thing I don't like. Can't say a thing.

As I said over 30 years. Was dropped when the strap come out of the little hole at the end, onto a hard linoleun floor, only took a little chip out that can easily be fixed. My friend, Beulah, said her Martin was droppped like that and it busted it. Not my Aspen, held in tact and you don't know it was dropped.

What a super, wonderful, guitar. It's the best as far as I'm concerned over all the guitar made by the Big Guys. I would recommend it to anyone. The sound and quality construction has stood up extensive playing over the past 30 years and people ask me if its new.

Carolyn F. Clements rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-30.

i was looking in my moms basement when i stumbled upon a guitar case, i opened it up and to my delight there was a guitar in there, an Aspen gutiar to be exact. i asked my mom about it and she said that the had picked it up when she was teenager around the late 60's-early 70's she wasnt sure on the date.

i dont know if this is consistant with the more recent models of aspen guitars, but i currently work in a recording studio and have played many guitars. however what few seem to accomplish is getting a good bass sound with a really good feel and aura around the sound. The wood hasnt warped over the many years and hold together really well. it sounds great and the strings are REALLY close to fret board for easy playing.

over the years, the bridge has bent down so the strings now vibrate on the fret board, but i got that fixed and it played pperfectly again. however, when i the bride was bent, the e,B,G strings where vurtually unplayable. so the bride stil lbends pretty quickly, which can get frustrating. it might be the tuners, but the tuners wherent secured all the way in and the wood was stripped so i had to fix it, it was pretty easy but time consuming, and the guitar goes out of tune quite quickly. it also aquires dents quite easily, but the finish was betiful when i found it.

the construction wasnt all that steller, i had to fix many things on the gutiar, but its easy to fix and didnt have as many problams as the new gibson flat tops. the fret board has also bent over time, but this guitar is also very onld and has held up very well.

a lively sounding guitar with great bass tone, however not the best of instruments, i would give it a thumbs up any day.

Matt A. rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-16.

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