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I had an old guitar and my husband went to the music store in 1971 or 1972 and bought this guitar for $200.

I love the sound. Man, I play music with a lot of guy musicians with their Gibsons and their Martins, and my Aspen can hold the likes to them by far. It really sounds out over the rest of the guitars and has a super sound.

I have absolutely nothing I don't like about the guitar. It has lasted me over 30 years with very extensive playing. I've had to have the frets redone, because of excessive use, I had to have the keys replaced because of excessive use. I had to have the hold redone that hold the strap. The outside looks brand new. It's good for another 30 years. I would not part with it even if you gave me a fair price for it.

Construction and quality of this guitar is absolutely tops. I was playing for nursing home visitation and the strap come loose from the little peg and the guitar dropped to the floor with a loud boom. I thought surely it was cracked. All was wrong was a small chip off it on the back, which I can have fixed without too much problem. My fellow guitar player, Beulah, said the same thing happed to her Martin and busted it all to pieces. Not my Aspen. Stick in tack as good as ever. It still looks new inside and out. The man at the music store told me if I ever got rid of it, he wanted it. That is was a fine instrument and it would be worth lots of money since it was so old and looked and sounded so good. No way is that guy getting my Aspen.

Super, Wonderful, guitar. Mine sound better than any of those Gibsons or Martins and I wouldn't be afraid to hold it up against any of them. I don't know why that guy rated it so low. I must have got the good one or something is wrong with him. Since I had all those things redone, it still sounds out above all the rest. I will continue to always use the guitar. I play it extensively for four church services a week, nursing home visitation once a month and street meeting once a month and other functions. People ask me, What kind of guitar is that? It's sounds good and looks new. Boy are they ever surprised when I say, "This guitar was bought by my husband in the early 70's and I've been playing it for thirty years." Their eyebrows raise and they begin to hail the praise of my guitar. I would recommend Aspen guitars over Martin, Gibson, or any of the others.

Carolyn F. Clements rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-31.

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