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I purchased this guitar from American Music Supply for $159US on special from their catalogue. I bought this instrument because of the advertised features - solid spruce top, bound neck, Grover tuners.

There was not much I liked about this unit. This guitar is made by Samick in Indonesia for AMS. The finish and workmanship were ok.

The setup (Valley Arts Music in LA) was terrible - strings rattled on the frets on all three guitars sent to me. One of the Grover tuners was defective on the first instrument I received and it was exchanged. The scond instrument I received was also defective and it was returned. The third (final) instrument had a badly warped neck and it was returned for a full refund. American Music Supply were extremely helpful throughout this ordeal and paid for the return of all three guitars and issued a timely refund. I contacted Samick (the manufacturer) here in LA and they were no help - couldn't care less and referred me to AMS.

The materials and workmanship were okay, the setup on all three guitars was terrible.

I was very disappointed in the manufacturer of this guitar (Samick). The vendor (AMS) exhibited excellent customer service and I would like to have bought a guitar from them. Also if this guitar is properly setup it is a very good buy for the price. The tone was quite good.

Jim Pepoon rated this unit 1 on 2001-06-20.

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