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I acquired this instrument through a trade for another guitar that I no longer wanted. I do not think they are expensive. I would guess in the $200 range.

The instrument is a nice solid body. In fact it is almost all neck. There is hardly any body to it. The instrument has a very nice hard rock tone to it. The pick ups are very powerful and far exceed comparison with other instruments in the price range.

Since the guitar is almost all neck, it does not have very good balance when attached to you with a strap. You tend to hold the guitar in the position that you want. This is annoying since it takes your mind off playing and makes you think about positioning the instrument. I have overcome this by tying a bandana to my leg and around the lower end of the strap. This keeps the guitar in the same position, which is just perfect for me and my playing style. Problem solved!

This instrument has put up with a lot of abuse. It seems to be built very solid. I have put quite a number of nicks and scrapes into this instrument, but have never needed any major repairs. The neck seems to be very solidly attached. Believe me, I would know.

Overall, for the price of the instrument, I would rate this guitar bery high. It seems to have come out of the "small guitar" era, and might be considered a novelty item by many, but the sound is excellent and I prefer it over several other higher priced instruments that I have played.

Mike rated this unit 4 on 2004-08-12.

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