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It's been 40 years since I was rockin with the Beach Boys, Dick Dale and The Ventures back in my high school days. Since selling the old Fender Strat and Princton years ago, I've been smoozin with the Cum-by-Yaa crowd. Campfires and sing-a-longs. A few weeks back I went to visit my son and he pulled out his electric whiz-bang guitar setup. It was day-ja-voo all over again. I started my quest the next day. I hit every music store withing the area, and played many guitars. I started out trying to replace my old 62 Fender Strat, but some where along the way I picked up a Gibson Les Paul. It felt really nice, and the action was was the PRICE, way out of my budget! I realized that my playing style had changed a bit in the last 40 years, and the Les Paul was more in line with it. This started me looking at copies. After putting down a lot of shoe leather I went into Charlie Daniels Music in Fresno, Ca. My search was over and for a mere $240....(unbelievable!), plus the price of a new amp I was not only Rockin again, but getting down on some good Blues.

I played every Les Paul copy I could find. Most of them didn't have the fit, finish or sound. The Ephiphone with the Gibson name on it was one of the worst. When I walked through the door and eyed this guitar I was attracted to the brilliant finish. It was just beautiful. I took it down and looked it over with an eagle eye. It was an even better fit and finish than the Real Les Paul I had looked at, and about a $1200 less! I got all hooked up, dropped it into gear and hit the throttle. WOW! What an action. This thing is close and tight. Even my old tired fingers were able to cruise on this baby. The sound far surpassed all the other "Rice Boxes" I had played and was right up there with the real thing. Smooth and silky with a light touch, a flip of the switch and it became as crisp and fresh as a winters day. I think the body is laminated wood. It is a fact that laminated wood is the strongest you can get. That's why high stress items and items that you don't want to warp and move are made from it. The last thing you want a solid body guitar to do, is to warp or flex. Laminated wood is as good of a choice as Maple...maybe better.

Nada! Can't find a thing wrong with it!

This guitar is a masterpiece. It is a beauty to the eye as well as the hand and ear. The Fit and Finish is second to none and far better than most. The neck is non adjustable and should stay tight with the non flex body as long as you are around. The Gold keys and trim are expertly plated and stay where you put them! I don't know who made the pickups but they did a good job because this baby sounds good.

If you are looking for a Les Paul type of guitar look no further. There isn't anything out there for under a grand that can even come close. The Fit, Finish, Playability and sound of this "Rice Box" is a winning combination that you are just simply NOT going to beat. Get out and take it for a test drive. You'll like it.

Snakebite rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-04.

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