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I was going through my one of my favorite guitar shops(Huelsing) here in StLouis, when I spied my eyes on this blue quilt top wonder. This instrument had some flaws in the paint job, so I got it for a very good price!!!

PRS, Look out. This Guitar resembles a PRS, Plays very similar to a PRS, even sounds similar to a PRS. In fact, this thing plays better than the licensed copies that you can get for around 600(IE Santana model) The guitar, despite the flaw,s is just absolutely cool looking. Resembles my Quilt top Dean EVO. The action is just right. Even on a small amp the guitar has a warm sound. So warm I took it to a jazz big band rehersal to play. The sound went over like a smash. I didnt even pick up my hollow body the whole night! Tried it out on the rock/fusion, and this thing is the ultimate ripper ax. I am talking about effortless speed!!!!.

Both pickups are always active. It would have been nice if it had a switch. Pickups could be better, but still sound more than decent.

Mine was made in Korea. It has always amazed me how well Koreans can manufacture guitars. Other than the finish flaws, everything else was right on!!!

PRS costs too much!!!! Get one of these. Out of all of the guitars I have played, and built over the years, this is one of the best ones I ever played on for under a $1000 hands down.

Phineas Henshaw rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-28.

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