Austin Vintage (Les Paul copy) Reviews 4

Bought used because i liked Les Paul style body but was too broke to actually purchase the Gibson Les Pual. I paid $280 for my Austin.

I love the looks, black finish, whilte trim. Humbucking pickups are fantastic on this model. The nut was very fresh, so was the finger board. Fairly new frets. Austin felt very nice to hold and to play. Great knock off of the Gibson Les Paul.

I really did not want to get a plywood body, but you pay a lot more for a solid body and that was my issue. One of the bridge intonation pieces was chipped, but functioned perfectly. In general i do not like bolted on necks, but they are cheaper and, if adjusted apropriately, handle just as good as solid ones.

Austin Vintage is a terrific knock off of Gibson les paul. I have had this guitar for about 3 years and i love everything about it. However, i am tempted to sell it and get a solid body Gibson. In general, this guitar is worth its price and much more. I like the sound of this guitar, however, i think this guitar could do much better with authentic Gibson humbuckers.

Great instrument for its price. Nice assembly and feels like a piece of art. I love it although it was cheap. I do not think it is possible to get a guitar for this price and of the same quality from any other manufacturer. Next step is only Gibson les paul...

Serge rated this unit 4 on 2003-04-18.

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