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In June 2008, I placed a custom drum order with Bill Jennison (President and Owner) of Ayotte Drums Inc. operating in British Columbia, Canada. The order was for two drums to match my existing two drums. The amount of this order was $2,050.00 and Bill notified me that I should receive the drums within 6-8 weeks. I waited for my order until February 2009, when the drums finally arrived after numerous calls to the company due to the longer than expected wait. The drums that were delivered did not match my existing drums, the color variance was dramatic. Ayotte apologized for the error and requested that I send back the drums. They assured me that it will not take any longer than 2 weeks to ship me out the correct color drums. The company had difficulty arranging the return shipping so I agreed to pay for the return shipping and for Ayotte to reimburse me for the shipping once the drums are received. As of today, I still have not received reimbursement for the $157.17, the amount it cost me to return the mismatched drums to the manufacturer. After a great deal of frustration and numerous calls to the company, I requested a full refund of my $2,050.00 in addition to the unpaid shipping charges of $157.17 from Ayotte Drums. Bill Jennison and Randy Turner told me on multiple occasions that the refund was in process, after waiting over 4 months for Ayotte to return my money,I finally received a check from Ayotte in the amount of $2,208.00. On 10/23/09, I received a notification from Wells Fargo that the check from Ayotte was returned due to insufficient funds and that my bank account was debited $2,223.00. Ayotte fails to respond to my notification that their check for my refund bounced. I am now forced to take legal action towards this terrible company.

I paid $2,050.00 and ordered directly through the company.

This is one the worst companies I have ever encountered, there is absolutely nothing positive to mention.

Their empty promises, their lack of customer service, their unorganized pathetic operations....the list goes on.

This company does not have the capability to produce two drums in a year and a half. I don't mind waiting for quality, but I have absolutely no tolerance for companies who steal from their customers.

Ayotte is the worst drum manufacturer out there, the company has obviously gone downhill when Ray left the company in 2000, but now they have reached rock bottom and I doubt that they can stay in business for much longer based on my experience. I recommend DW drums for the best custom turn-around time, the best customer service and the best sound.

Darin Fournier rated this unit 1 on 2009-10-30.

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