B.C. Rich Platinum Series Warlock Bass Reviews 4

I bought this bass brandnew in 1992 for $600 at this local shop in my home town.I purchased it because I was the baddest bass player at my school at the time and I was playing on a Peavey fury, I had to have the baddest looking bass which was hanging on the wall at this shop. so after a law away plan was established I saved all my cash for a few months. Finaly the day came when I brought it home. I lay my Peavey to rest and became an instant rock star(in my own mind).

looks are what first attract anyone to a B.C. Rich, but even after 11 years of playing no extra set up, it still plays like a B.C.Rich.(slight fret burn yet smooth action cuts through the mix with the right amp). smooth fast neck so its awesome for the now rare solo or extra scaley slap funk.

the tone knob doesnt do much

the bolt on neck construction is excelent. the hardware is great. this thing does not get out of tune. Every thing on this bass is stock and it plays better than many high dollar USA models of its era. the finish was flawless when new, now it has a few good sized chips that started out as small ones, but over time they flake.

If you want a great bass out of the box that can take a beating for years and still play like it did new than you cant go wrong with a platinum series. despite the rad body style, warlocks are very comfortable. pointy guitars... you love em or you hate em

Skully Nuts rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-22.

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