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Ordered it through local music store in Athens, GA/Musicans's Warehouse. I ordered it because of BC Rich's long standing reputation for Quality instruments.This particular model I saw in the BC Rich's import catalog. The neck thru construction and flamed top, was a big reason for my decision to purchase this particular guitar. The price I paid for it, with case was $685. Not bad for this level of Quailty.

First of all I loved the Assassin body style.(Strat-Shaped)There are not all spikey, you know. The fact that it had neck thru construction, dimaond in-lay binding around the neck, decent stock pick-ups, flamed maple top, and a floyd rose on top of that. What I really also liked was the fact that when I received the guitar, it had all black hardware. When the catalog and the salesman and representatives from BC Rich, assured me that this particular model only came with crome hardware. As I opened up the case to my surprise, lo and behold BLACK HARDWARE. My dreams came true, and not to mention the hard shelled case, Top quailty, nice leather, exterior locks,ect.. and all this at a price that could be thousands.

There's not much I can say about this guitar that I don't like except, on the binding around the neck, especially around the 23rd to the 24th fret, the binding was a little boogered up, but no that bad. The 23rd and the 24th frets on the high E string side had a little burr on the edge. Nothing a little skillfull filing couldn't take care of. Also a on/off switch for the pick-ups would be great, and a EVH D-Tuna would of been sweet.

The construction of the guitar starts with a 24 fret rosewood neck thru the body with milky white pine sides, with flamed maple top. Floyd Rose tremelo(licensed) BC Rich stock pick-ups. Binding around fretboard with abalone? diamond in-lays on neck. All black hardware. The quality for the price, I don't think you could beat. Not to mention the quality of the case that ir came in.

BC Rich in my opinion makes some of the best guitars on the planet. The NT Assassin is testimony enough for me to prove BC Rich did not die in the 80's. Remember their all not spikey. I think BC Rich Assassin's, Exclusive, Innovator ect. are classy instruments that don't look like they came out of Satan's broom closet.HA HA I would like to see this review on this webb page and it also would be good to see musicyo.com carry some of these great guitars.

Stephan Reed rated this unit 5 on 2001-06-25.

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