B.C. Rich Beast USA Custom Shop 2000 Year Built Reviews 5

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Unsurpassed quality. Factory installed EMG pickups. Custom paint. Real abalone diamond shaped fret markers. Grover Imperial tuners.Neck thru design. 25 frets (yes, this one has 25 frets even though it is not a seven string guitar). Downtunes easily for low end crunch. It is a well balanced guitar. I set the pionts between my thigh when sitting similar to a flying V, thus no problem to play sitting. Super high quality feeling axe. Almost plays itself!

I love this guitar. With EMG pickups, they run on a 9 volt battery so you have to change the battery about once a year, but this is no big deal.

Super high quality that blows my Gibsons out of the water and beleive me, I bled Gibson if you cut me and swore by them exclusively for years. I got this guitar and a custom BC Rich signature series is in my opinion, the highest quality guitar available or will stand right along side the best of the best USA made custom guitars out there.

USA made B.C. Rich custom guitars are excellent quality guitars for the serious musician. They are worth every penny. Don't miss out, see for yourself, play one and you'll be hooked (or pointed/poked if you have a Beast!).

Beastmaster in So. Cal. rated this unit 5 on 2003-03-30.

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