B.C. Rich Best Body Art Series Reviews 5

I recently purchased the December 2004 body art beast for 300. I purchased it as it was the scariest looking guitar i had ever seen. December 2004 purchase.

i liked very much the control the guitar gives you due to the weight, as far as sound goes, it is the most awesome piece of equipment i have ever used. When hooked up through a 4x12 Marshall stack the attitude of the sound is amazing, i would definately recomend this to anyone.....especially when my last piece was a Jackson.

I really wish i could think of something that i dont like but apart from the comfort of playing sitting down, there is absolutely nothing i could fault it on. Well Done B.C Rich, you have just won yourself a life long customer, bring on the 2004 body art series!!!

the construction is nothing short of genius, the shape looks really mean but the action of it is second to none, i have played so many makes from Jackson, ibanez, fender, and schechter and BC Rich is by far the highest quality piece to date.

To anyone considering a guitar and intending to keep it long term, the BC Rich beast is the unit for you. The body is robust, the sound is awesome and the price is very reasonable! The best guitar i have ever laid hands on!!

Robb Dunn rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-08.

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