B.C. Rich Bronze Warlock Combo Pack Reviews 5

I went to The Guitar Store in Stratford, just looking for a smaller amp because I could really use one in the events coming the following Thursday's. I walked into the store and saw this B.C. Rich combo pack and I was in love. I saw the price, 179.99 and I flipped! This was great! I had one of the salesmen lead me to the "B.C. Rich Wall" and handed me the replica of the warlock.

I loved it so much, I didnt know what to play, it was crazy! Every note sounded perfectly even if I made a mistake. It was like I was floating on clouds at the happiness of my new find. I played and played until my fingers got numb, then I decided I had to get it, the sale would be over in a few days.

I then pressed the button for distortion, and an odd sound came out. It was like nothing I've ever heard before, and I hope I'll never have to hear it again. The distortion side just didnt sound right, and I quickly put it back to clean. I was interested in getting the coffin case at this time, but when I tried to see if the warlock would fit, it didnt. One of the points was about a half-inch too big and the salesman said that if I wanted it, it would have to be a special order, which made me mad. All the other warlocks fit nicely, but not the one I wanted. (Figures)

Great quality, I honestly believe that this guitar will last me to the end of my life, and if it does, the warlock is so great, I'd have them bury with me at my funeral, to rest with me forever. I am a little bit skeptical about the amp, though. I mean, it is brand new, but I dont think it should be used as a primary amp, though it does look beautiful.

Overall, I believe that this combo is one of the best I've seen, because I can't think of one person that would have anything against a B.C. Rich Warlock with a widow headstock, it's a complete match! I mean, I don't know what B.C. Rich did, but even when I just glance at it, I must play it... it's strangely addicting, and once you've played one, you'll never go back.

David Piccioli rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-28.

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