B.C. Rich Custom Jnr V Reviews 4

Bought it in a specialised dealers in Glasgow, cost me roughly 350 dollars (i think i had to convert) It came witha hard case even though it was a fender one, it does the job

It is smaller than the average flying V (hence the Jnr V) its sits nicely on your body and its quite light, the neck feels really small but i am not sure why. the head stock is amazing its the custom BC Rich spikey thing. The guitar has double humbuckers and ithey give a realy nice metal sound sometimes it has to much of a hard edge but overall its good.

The damn neck is too small, also there isinta huge variation in colours, sometimes its stabs me while i am playing and it seems ist happens to everyone who does, which is weird

It built like brick, its really well built but it was an american hand crafted one (supposedly) but it is more like chinese but its really tough the neck feels really nice (although small)

Overall its a kick ass metal guitar, ald fashioned?, yes, feels nice? yes and overall its sound is great

Deek rated this unit 4 on 2002-11-29.

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