B.C. Rich KK V Signature Package Reviews 5

Bought it from musiciansfriend.com & paid $300

It plays great, the V shape lets you reach up into the higher frets. Alot easier to hit harmonics also. Must be the pickups, There alot louder and cleaner sounding than most other guitars ive played. Theres also 2 volumes a 3way switch and a main volume which is great because you can adjust the sound to more extent that most other guitars. & Of course the looks of this thing... Kerry King's own design. The tribal graphics makes this thing look killer.

My real only problem with this guitar is, just like every other V its hard to play sitting down. But this is easily fixed by putting some skateboard grip tape on the bottom wing so it grips ur leg and doesnt slip off.

At first i was a bit scared of ordering this guitar because ive herd that basswood is soft and easily damagable i thought i would break this thing easily. But i ordered it and it feels really solid and indestructable. It could problaby take a nuke and still be in tune. The pickups are great & so is all the hardware.

This guitar is great! Looks killer and has the sound to match. & Its only $300 from musiciansfriend.com and also comes with custom picks, softcase, headsweat and a poster. I dont think you could find a better deal for a guitar this cool.

KC rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-21.

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