B.C. Rich KKV Flying V Reviews 5

I played it in a Music store, I actually own a BC rich Beast.

Evreything. The guitar as extreamly fast, it looked awesome and had killer sound. Whoever the little basterd is who said he'd put his fender out instead of a bc rich and burn it on stage can go screw himslef. Fender sucks ass. There are no humbuckers and they are made shitty country music. If you are reading this you can take that peice of shit fender and shove it up your country ass.

nothing I don't like. I may not be a Slayer fan but Kerry king is very talented. To the little fender basterd who said he sucks, you can go screw yourself.


One of the finest guitars made. Fender is pure shit get over it you little bastered.

Metalman mike rated this unit 5 on 2004-05-28.

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