B.C. Rich Kerry King Flying V Reviews 5

I bought this guitar package from Music Makers in Austin Texas. Musicians Friend sells this guitar package for $299 so when I found it for $239 brand new still in the box, I bought it instantly.

This guitar has a killer look. I am a big Randy Rhoads fan and I wanted a V.It plays really easy. I use 10 through 46 gauge strings on it.I am able to get the action low without it freting out. Nice sized frets.I can bend notes all over the neck and it sustains well.The pickups have a good rock tone for stuff like Ozzy and Judus Priest.The pick up have a really nice bass tone on the low strings.

It seems like the wood on the head stock chips easily so you have to be cool when handling this guitar.Also the gig bag that comes with it fell apart on me.

It's not the best quality but it is decent.It has nice big strap buttons. The pots are really smooth.The tuners seems a bit cheap but it does hold tuning and they are really smooth.You can tell the bridge is softer metal so you have to be smooth with adjusting the bride with screw drivers.Trying to adjust the bridge with string tension isn't a good idea.If your fairly careful,you shouldn't have any problems with this guitar.

You won't mistake this guitar for a Gibson Flying V,but for the money,you an awesome V that playes well and stays in tune.It's totally gigable. It is mostly a hard rock guitar so if your looking to rehash them same over played Stevie Ray licks,this may not be the guitar for you. Although I play blues on this guitar no problem.Hendrix was playing V's at the end and Albert King always played V's. It does take a bit of technique to play this guitar.You can't just slam on it like a strat but if your playing with skill,this guitar is awesome. The Kerry King V commands attention on the stage.Only other guitar players look for Gibson on the headstock.Chicks at my gigs trip on this guitar.

EricG rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-09.

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